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Financial Analysis

Analysis focused on obtaining indices and indicators that can measure the financial and economic state of the company. Our goal is to determine the liquidity, profitability, leverage and operational, solvency and other indices that may be necessary according to the need of evaluation of each customer.


Operational Audit, Accounting Audit and Management Audit.


Have accounting demonstrates that socio-economic performance of companies and their social relationship. Since the 1st. edition of Social Responsibility Award RS, Lenz Bergesch encourages its clients to its preparation and is responsible for its submission to the Legislative Assembly of the RS.

Consulting Business

Consulting is a specialized service that aims to track the activities of clients, as a way to guide the economic and financial viability of your business. We also participate in the analysis and implementation of different systems, accounting, tax and management.

General Accounting

Bookkeeping books, Cash Book: Organization, classification and processing of accounting documents in compliance with the rules / legislations; Financial Statements: Preparation of balance sheets / statements monthly, quarterly and annual compliance accounting principles and standards established by CFC – Federal Council of Accounting and Tax Legislation relevant; Analysis of consistency of accounting balances: compositions and reconciliations of general ledger accounts; Survey and asset control: Maintaining control over assets; Issuance of reports / statements management: Preparation and submission of monthly statements with summary financial information of the company.

Management Accounting

Speaking in accounting, for many people, means a complex of numbers and legislation, our work to this point has been organizing and developing information allowing to advise clients on managing their business. Thus, we provide all operational services accounting for our company or even develop a structure in the company adapted to customer requirements. This way we operate in the client as partners in decision-making and project implementation.


In this area we have developed a scan job and orientation of fiscal operations, based on some points: Bookkeeping Tax, Tax Planning, Advising on inventory control and fixed assets; installments, offsets and tax refunds.

Legalization of Business

Openings, changes and closure; Regularization of companies; Records in local and state councils; Negative certificates in public and private agencies; Advice from the bidding process; registration with the Financial Institutions.


Provide advice on legal expertise in the areas of Accounting, Tax and Labor, working with a panel of experts, in order to support the judicial and extra judicial spheres.

Financing Project

Preparation and monitoring of project financing from the various financial institutions such as BNDES, and BRDE FUNDOPEM/RS.

Special Activities

Regardless of accounting be performed internally or outsourced, certain jobs require deep specialization. We quote some work done by the company:

  • Valuation of assets and intangibles;
  • Procedures of demerger and merger of companies;
  • Preparation of information for government agencies such as the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE);
  • Structuring of accounting systems.