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lenz-bergeschLenz Bergesch started its activities in the 2 of July of 1988, having as partners the accounters José Inácio Lenz and Glicério Claristo Bergesch. The headquarters of the company was on Júlio de Castilhos Street, 852 city center, and started with 2 employees. In 1989 the company moved it’s headquarters to Saldanha Marinho Street, 273. During the year of 1990, Lenz Bergesch incorporated the Kreutz Accounting Office, establishing its headquarters in Carlos Fett Filho Street, 188. After the incorporation of Kreutz, the company had 6 employees, and opened a subsidiary in Boqueirão do Leão. In September of 1992 Lenz Bergesch sets its headquarters at theyer current location on Alberto Torres Street, 613.

The year of 1998 is extremely important for the development of Lenz Bergesch. In July of 1998 the company concluded one of its most ambitious steps, and inaugurate its administrative center, with more than 2.000 m², designed especially to optimize its services.

With a history of 25 years, Lenz Bergesch grow from an account office, to a company that provides strategic advice for the several different types of clients. After 2003 the company began to be called Lenz Bergesch Assessoria Estratégica SS.